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Flirting and hinting at more to come - Mature man - 25 Nov 2020 18:58

Having just moved home I now live in an apartment block for the over 55's.

a few days after moving in I got chatting to a lovely lady(what a body) after a few weeks we started flirting & she was becoming a bit suggestive. 

We were sat in the communal lounge(just the two of us) she was wearing a short'ish skirt gave me a sly smile & opened her legs letting her hand "fall" onto her pussy(pity that she had knickers on)

This lovely lady has asked me if I minded building some flat pack furniture for her & putting up some shelves( I would rather put something else up somewhere)

I told her that I would be happy to & was happy when she told me that I would receive a special thank you, heres hoping.

If I get the thank you that I am hoping for I will let you know the details.


RE: Flirting and hinting at more to come - Running Man - 25 Nov 2020 19:29

Hi there MM and it sounds like your time assembling the dreaded flat pack furniture could be a pretty sound investment.
It's clearly a good sign that she is flirty and suggestive with a short-ish skirt to match.
Who knows what may happen behind closed doors?
The very best of luck to you.

RE: Flirting and hinting at more to come - Mature man - 05 Dec 2020 10:41

I have built the flat pack & put the shelves up for Sarah & during doing these jobs there was some flirting.
As per usual with flat pack some of the screws were not usable,the screw heads not being formed correctly & completely innocently I said that I needed a good screw(it was a completely innocent comment) Sarah,with a cheeky smile, said "so do I,come here.

We stood facing each other arms wrapped around each other & started some long sensual kisses while running our hands over each other.

Sarah pulled my T shirt off while I peeled hers off & undid her bra,I started to kiss her neck while cupping her boob & rubbing her nipple,I kissed across to her other boob & took her nipple into my mouth,rolling my tongue around it.Sarah undid  my jeans,sliding her hand into my boxers,she held my cock,running her hand up & down my shaft.

I kissed my way down Sarahs beautiful,sexy body while undoing her jeans,which I slowly peeled down,along with her panties,Sarah stepped out of her jeans & panties & I kissed my way back up her legs.

Sarah grabbed my hair(whats left of it) & started to step back toward the bed,pulling me along.

Sarah lay back on the bed & placed her legs over my shoulders,pressing her feet into my back & pulling my head forward burying y face into her pussy which I eagerly kissed & licked,probing her clit with my tongue,god she did taste so good,Sarah was soon humping against my face & pressed harder against the back of my head burying my face deeper into her so wet pussy,she gasped and came into my mouth.

I stood up & Sarah sat on the edge of the bed,taking hold of my cock,which she started to kiss & lick,then took my length into her mouth sucking hard sliding her mouth up & down my shaft while cupping my balls, I couldn't last to long because she was sucking my cock,flicking her tongue over the tip & over my shaft,I was gasping by this time & felt my cock starting to twitch in Sarahs mouth encouraging her to suck harder which she did until I exploded into her mouth, my spunk dribbling out & over my shaft & balls which Sarah licked clean.

We lay on the bed,Sarah stroking my cock,which was becoming rock hard again.I was rubbing Sarah's clit.

Sarah straddled me,grasping my cock & lowered her self onto my rigid cock,she started to ride me like there was no tomorrow,me thrusting up into her pussy,Sarah leaned forward so I could kiss,lick & suck her boobs & nipples.

We had our tongues in each other mouths,entwining Sarah moaned into my mouth,gasping I felt her clit throb & pulsate against my cock,Sarah rode me faster & harder while I thrust hard & deep inside her my cock starting to buck inside her,Sarah shuddered against me as she came, I exploded deep inside her pussy.

After we had both cum,we lay side by side fondling each other & promised that this would not be a one off and we will have each other again & again.

Here's to the next time we meet.