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For mike-please read - mikki - 05 Jul 2019 08:41

I'm hopin that u will see this when/if u come on the forum-dnt know if you do stil or not .
I got the letter from the solicitors ystrdy-please dnt start the divrce-please can we tlk.
I got nothin in my life-xcept kim-n she hates me 4 wat I done.
I relly don't want to loose you-im know you are hurt cos of me n it kills me to thnk of u in pain as a result of my actions-please thnk abt givin me 1 last chance to try to make thngs rite. IL do anythng to try to make thngs better for u.
I'm so so sorry-irelly I am.
One more chance?-please?
If you can't then il go out of ur life for ever if that's wat u want.but I won't stop lovin u 

RE: For mike-please read - Hovis - 07 Jul 2019 14:29

Normally I would delete this post. As this really is not the place for this. However, despite what people may think I'm not totally heartless. And I shall leave it here.

I will however yet again remind folk that because of the fault preventing new members, and the fact that the subscription to here has elapsed, we have created a new - and in my opinion a better - site with the same ethos here at

If you are reading this please join us there.