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upskirting - cheshirecat - 14 Apr 2019 12:34

New laws came into effect last week regarding the practice up upskirting, I was just wondering what everyone's take is on the practice. Do we think it should be classed as a sexual assault , are there any members here who have been victim to it, or have anyones partners had it done to them ? Or indeed has anyone actually been guilty of doing it themselves ?

RE: upskirting - Running Man - 14 Apr 2019 14:36

Nice thread CC.
I have upskirted my wife on many occasions, with her permission, and those lovely pics cum in very handy I can assure you.
My view on the law is that surely this kind of thing, when done either with malicious intent or without the victim's knowledge, should be covered by the various sex laws and/or decency laws that currently exist. It seems almost ridiculous to make 'upskirting' a specific offence.
Does that mean 'downblousing' needs to be a specific offence too? Where do you draw the line my friends?

RE: upskirting - Diamond123 - 14 Apr 2019 14:57

A seperate law does seem unnecessary but maybe there were loopholes in the existing legislation that needed closing and clarifying

RE: upskirting - Dee1965 - 14 Apr 2019 19:13

My personal opinion about upskirting.

If I give my consent(which I have in the past) then I do not have any problem with it.However, if I was upskirted without giving my consent(before the law was passed,quite correctly) then if I were alone I would have flattened the guy & stamped on his phone,if my hubby were with me,I dread to think what he would have done,apart from serving time.

RE: upskirting - Diamond123 - 15 Apr 2019 07:35

Spot on Dee. As sexually liberal as I am everything must come with informed consent or it is wrong in every way