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Hard or Soft? - BBWLovers7` - 28 Jul 2018 19:03

Got asked a question by my oh we were fooling about and she had her had in my trousers playing with my cock, when she asked me if I'm hard before I start wanking on my own as when I wank with her I'm always hard first.

When I have a wank on my own I'm always hard before I start as I've usually got turned on by porn or something I'd seen when I've been out and have been thinking about it. But it got me wondering what others do?

RE: Hard or Soft? - Diamond123 - 29 Jul 2018 05:55

Both. Sometimes I'm turned on and hard and just need a play. Other times I'll start to play first. I'll also have times when I'm quite soft during too because a lot of my masturbation is in my head

RE: Hard or Soft? - Hovis - 29 Jul 2018 08:14

Very good question, and one i had to think about.

Usually Im hard before I start to wank, but I think there have been the odd occasion where if been thinking about sex for many hours without the opportunity to play. At those times I may be soft before for a few seconds.

I think from the female side she may be thinking it's like when she feels she wants to play alone. From my experience she is not likely to have a hard clit and a very moist vag when she starts.

RE: Hard or Soft? - Running Man - 01 Oct 2018 21:58

That is such a great question BBWL and one that demands quite a bit of thought.
I have to say that I'm usually hard before I decide to wank off but not always. This forum is a wonderful place to get yourself turned on and occasionally, I find the need to have a wank after a naughty messaging session, or after gazing at one of the galleries on here. I'm not necessarily hard by this stage but may be feeling aroused enough to do something about my arousal.
There was one occasion recently when I found the need to nip home from work for 'lunch', after a particularly explicit message exchange with one of our naughty members. My cock was soft by the time I'd driven home but a quick flick through our messages soon had me hard again and ready to achieve my goal.