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Scholl Sandals with nylon tights or stockings - Needtogetoutmore67 - 07 Aug 2017 15:21

Well Here goes. 
Ever since I was a kid I have been into Woman's Feet clad in Nylon Tights or Stockings, whilst they were wearing the classic Scholl Sandal. Didn't matter what colour they were. The Wooden ones with The Red, Ivory or Blue Strap. The All leather highish heeled ones. They were in Burgundy, Navy Blue, and a Stone colour. I think I remember seeing Light Grey and and olive green ones!! So why the obsession? Well, it seems silly, but happened. Whilst having a dream one night whilst asleep. I was stood in front of a lady, with my legs apart, and She was wearing orange fluffy open toed slippers. She had put her foot to my crotch. It seemed weird, and somewhat strange, and wondered why me! But I felt a strange feeling down below, but also felt nice. Waking up from the dream, I was soon back to sleep, and strangely enough, I had a similar dream to that first one. This one though, was wearing Red Scholls. And again, it felt really nice. Strangely enough It was a while before I had another dream like it. But I had them quite a lot as I grew up. My Aunty wore the Ivory Wooden Scholls, and when she visited, She'd be wearing them. And I would long for her to do the same, as I dreamt, But it never happened. In time I would see women wearing what I would call sexy looking sandals, in the street, and at homes. They were worn as Slippers at home as well as for walking and Shopping. Women even wore them at work places. I would find myself in shops looking at these feet, and I never got caught looking as it goes. Then on one street alone, where I lived. 12 women wore these Scholl's, And Yes, I would stare at them. 
Once I reached 16, I moved in with Foster Parents, and my Foster Mum, wore them as well. Each night I would be longing for the foot, as she always wore tan tights with them. Never happened. Yet I still continued to have the dream, but these were few and far between. But the feeling was immense. I'd started having the dreams, without the women wearing Scholls. So I realised it was the foot. In fact I have not had one of these dreams, since then. The last one was actually of my Foster Mum, doing what the dream was about. And I actually Shot my load in the bed. Quite messy really lol. But My fixation continued. Very rare to see ladies wearing these now. But I have met a couple of ladies, who wore the Scholl;s for me, and did what happened in the dream, but not the same feeling. But I have had sex with the ladies whilst they wear them, and I it has actually helped my sex life. As it is all in the mind. 

Love to meet more Ladies in time.