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Watching her masturbating - dikky01 - 28 Sep 2016 07:29

"  I had a hard day yesterday . Completely exhausted . Can you come  and do me  a massage , lovey ? are you busy ? "
" No , no problem . Stand by .  " . I slip the phone in my  jacket and prepare my gear .
One hour later , I  am already giving you a home massage .
I  take care of your boobs  ,squeeze and  caress them in broad circular motions , then say :
" Ok , turn up "
Lying on your belly , you close lazily your eyes  :
_" Have you had a hard working day too ? "
_" Yes , but I get used to it "
_" Thanks for coming .Your massages always  do me good "
_" And I claim no fee , just let me fuck you when I am horny "
_" Granted , sir "
I bow solemnly and we laugh .
After relieving your back , my hands  reach your ass . I add oil and massage the buttocks , then  stretch them slightly and leer at the brownish  anus .
I finish  by rubbing your feet . My fingers slip between your toes , the sight of the   curvy soles and the toe nails arouses a  strange desire  in me  .
-" All done ! " I announce  and wipe my hands .
You watch me  packing my gear  and  your eyes become gentle :
_" How are you today ?   "
_" Fine "
_" Good to hear that , because … "
I raise my eyebrows : " because what ? "
You whisper in my ears : " because  I want to have a good time now . Come on "
I follow you in the bedroom .
Our clothes are scattered on the floor .
Kneeling upstraight  on the bed , you stick out your chest to  expose proudly your pair of tits  and  open your cunt with two fingers .
I breathe heavily and  come nearer to take you in my arms but you raise one hand :
" no …  don’t move "
You take  out  a  big silicone dildo hidden under the cushion . It is a realistic replica of a huge black penis .
Your hips twist like you were a belly dancer  while you slowly sit down , making your toy enter your  vulva .
This tease is a terrible ordeal  . Waiting for your approval I have no other way than touching myself . I look down  and  seize my penis   , uncover the glans then masturbate .
It becomes shiny and swollen  , engorged with excitation .
Your hips swing  back and forth now , the dildo stuck in your cunt  deep to its base . Finally you withdraw it  and  lay back with a broad smile .
I push your leg ,   stretch your labia and lick the emerging clit and  you give in : "  take me ! "
I put my hands on your knees to open your thighs, grasp my cock to guide it towards your cunt  and begin the poundings .
My dick plunges  into  your vagina   up to the balls  and you moan :
" go on  lovey … oh it’s so good  "
I freak out too , my frantic hands squeeze your boobs . I twist my hips in wavy motions  to  thrust my cock deeper  into the love hole . You are wet and make it glide so easily .
Then you close your legs   to compress my  shaft   between your pussy lips . My body vibrates as   I free my cum to the last drop .
After ecstasy we cuddle .
I say as our mouths separate : " sweetheart ... "
_" Hmm ? "
_" Sorry , my cock is not as big as your dildo "
You  burst out laughing : " rubbish . We have had a great time . I don't want a pornstar but a lover , and you are my lover " 
I caress your body . I like the beauty spots here and there  and  how your nipples harden when I tease  or lick them .
I am about to say " I love you " but I find it cheesy and  let my eyes express  themselves .

RE: Watching her masturbating - lovetoplease - 28 Sep 2016 13:12

This is amazing dikky

RE: Watching her masturbating - Hovis - 28 Sep 2016 15:38

Good story

RE: Watching her masturbating - dikky01 - 28 Sep 2016 16:44

Thank you .

RE: Watching her masturbating - Diamond123 - 28 Sep 2016 18:25

That's really good. Your stories are always worth reading

RE: Watching her masturbating - upforitplease - 28 Sep 2016 20:43

Wow, very nice and now with a hard on.

RE: Watching her masturbating - dikky01 - 28 Sep 2016 22:10

(28 Sep 2016 13:12)lovetoplease Wrote:  This is amazing dikky
In the chatroom  lately your words were concise but really excited me  . You have a style  , you  should post erotic stories too .

And thank you everybody for your reading and commenting .

RE: Watching her masturbating - Running Man - 09 Jun 2019 17:22

What a great short story that succeeded in giving me a hard on well before I was halfway through it!
Good stuff here people.