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safe word advice please! - riorio - 12 Jan 2016 00:29

Hi guys and gals!

I'd like some help with a fantasy of mine. I have a fantasy that I'd love to make reality where I'm gagged and bound to walk on all fours. I know about the standard safe words such as the default ones...

Green=I'm fine/go for it!
Amber=I'm not really feeling it/slow down
Red=Stop everything!

I also know that gagged people will usually use a signal like tapping three times as an equivalent Red signal. But what I want to know is what signals can I use for Green and Amber that is as distinctive as the three tap? I don't want choose a signal that could easily be given accidentally when I'm trying to keep my balance on all fours. I want to stay in control, but I don't want my only control option to be 'STOP EVERYTHING' cos then I'm more likely to put up with stuff i don't like because its not quite bad enough for me to want to end the scene.

Anyone have experience with wordless safe words?

Thanks in advance!